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Leilo vs Sugar High compare sketches by DJ-Catsume
Leilo vs Sugar High compare sketches
just for ref

= no memories of time as Sugar High
= reverts to Sugar High when facing extreme panic, loss of control, or sadness
= blue tattoos
= half-circle tattoos on cheek

Sugar High:
= all memories of time as Leilo
= reverts to Leilo when unconscious or willing to do so
= red tattoos
= tattoos can physically manifest and act like tentacles or whatever
= full circle tattoo on cheek
= lots of mascara
Blue Pill, Red Pill by DJ-Catsume
Blue Pill, Red Pill
If you see Leilo wearing ridiculous amounts of sparkly mascara and red tattoos, run to the other side of the universe. For your own good.

Leilo's alternate personality, alter ego, other side, whatever you wish to call him, possesses all of Leilo's knowledge, memories, plus a sadistic evil, cheerful pessimism, and horrid taste in mascara. He calls himself Sugar High the dork

I am not pleased with this picture ;A; there are so many things I wish I could fix but its late (for me at least) and the pics already done... At least there are sparkles. lots of sparkles

Sugar High!Leilo - me
Galaxy picture (sparkles) and sleeve pattern from free to use vector sites
MetroMariana: Weyssten Ref App by DJ-Catsume
MetroMariana: Weyssten Ref App
this is for the group :iconmetromariana: and everyone should join ouo~:star:
Its going to be a D&D style rp group! I'm so excited! I've never played D&D and can't wait to


Class: Hunter
Species: Windigo
Gender: n/a for actual Windigo, body inhabited currently is male
Weight: 119 lb (or whatever is really really light for a tall guy)
Height: 6' 11”
Faction: Survival

Weyssten is a Windigo who is currently possessing the body of a young adult named Charles Dayston. Weyssten is a nasty sort of character, and delights in seeing the pain and anguish of others. He is not as nasty a Windigo as they can be, due to an incident in his past (see history). He is sadistic and a huge jerk, especially to those having a really bad day. 

= Violence
= Eating the flesh of others (usually humans)
= Watching the pain of others
= Hurting others (both physically and mentally)
= The cold
= Winter
= War

= Do-gooders
= Religions and those who follow them
= Fire and heat
= Kindness
= Holy or blessed objects (in any religion)
= Daytime, sunny weather, the sun

Weyssten is a Windigo who saw many winters come and go, and has lived many lives, as it likes to put it. By that it means it has possessed many of flesh and bone and lived their lives through the entirety of their body's age. It, like any other Windigo, had only seen eating the flesh of others as the sole purpose of life, up until the time when Weyssten tried to possess a fae preist. The preist fought back the Windigo's dark desires and power with magic so bright and holy that Weyssten was defeated, and fled into the shadows of the cold forests. Weak from this conflict, Weyssten rushed into Mariana, the closest civilization to him in a while, and quickly possessed an unfortunate young man walking by. Weyssten may have been weak, but the boy, Charles Dayton, was no preist and had no ability in magic, and therefore couldn't resist the Windigo. With its, or now his, new body, Weyssten easily slaughtered and ate two men standing by. After he had finished his meal, however, he noticed that he was full. For the first time in his life, Weyssten didn't feel the need for more meat, more violence, more evil, as a necessity for life. For during the battle with the fae, light had crept into the shadowed heart of the Windigo, and brought with it some of the fae's traits. Weyssten felt free from his evil needs, though now he treats them as wants, still doing the same evil, same slaughter of others, for his own entertainment now.

Weyssten's current body, Charles Dayton, is a handsome young man with fiery red hair. Though he looks like he was well built, the effect of the possession and slow transformation into Windigo's physical form has made him as thin as possible, with large, dark bags under his eyes, skinny legs, arms, and torso, and bones visible where the skin was pulled taut. Large black horns grow from his head, and his arms and legs have been shriveled up into twig-like claws. Sometimes, when Weysston is doing an evil action, like ruthless murder, tears will start to flow. This is not Weysston, but rather the broken remains of Charles's spirit crying at the horrible things he is made to do.

Stats: 3_9.5_6.5_0.4_8/8.8  119_6'11".1457_3.15/15_30/30.30/30.3  6.9_6.7_6.6   0/3_3/3
Tablet help required!
ok so I'm trying to draw something (using Manga Studio) and I recently restarted my computer. Not turn off turn on, but completely erased all files and put them back via usb thing. Now while drawing it seems like my pen is glitching? When I make a stroke the first few seconds the cursor is stuck in place and then it follows the pen tip. anyone know why it does this and how to fix it? it really, really bugs me ;<;


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United States


Animated Pixel Icons
Nightwatcher Free Icon by DJ-Catsume
Free Noivern Icon by DJ-Catsume
Fresca by DJ-Catsume
Team Shout Icon by DJ-Catsume
Cheesebagz Icon by DJ-Catsume
50x50 animated pixel icons. 50 points each.
Full Body Sketch
Asdf by DJ-Catsume
Full body sketches like image above. Just link a ref or image of any char you want me to draw, what pose, may b simple background, extra stuff, etc.
Because everything's hectic and I need organization

Top Priority:
Various art and applications
Treasure Hunt(floraverse)

October Events (pkmnation) (I gave up oHo)

Frosty Festivities (pmdu)
Halloween Masquerade Ball (Emerald Rebellion)
(apt to change)

Also, no one got kiriban. Better luck next time!


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