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TFS: Anastasia/Shepot App by DJ-Catsume
TFS: Anastasia/Shepot App
aah yes, another lovely for The-Feline-Secret

Pet Form

Name: Anastasia

Gender: Female

Age: 4 years old

Species: Maine Coon

Description: Anastasia stands 15 inches tall, looming over the smaller cat species. In length, including her tail, she is 46 inches. She's a nearly-black brown, and is strippled with various lighter browns. Her mouth is outlined with those browns, and she has a beard-like pattern of light brown on her chin. The tips of her paws are light brown. Her wide eyes are a light yellow.



[Sly] - Anastasia is coy and wily. She likes to dance around the truth, never quite saying yes or no, always maybe. 
[Charismatic] - Though always ready and eager to fight, if she can, Anastasia will always choose to talk rather than fight. She knows her way around a conversation. 
[Alert] - Anastasia rarely lets her guard down, even with close friends. She'll catch herself before saying or doing anything revealing.
[Deceitful] - Anastasia loves to lie, especially when her conversation partner(s) are desperate for the truth. She can adopt false personalities and put on facades that have fooled many a demon, animal, and human.
[Prideful]- Anastasia takes joyful, quite conceited pride in everything she does. If her lies are uncovered and her reputation in danger of being defaced, she will promptly either disappear for thousands of years, or get rid of the problem.

Anastasia for the longest time was homeless, but played her way with charm into a pet store, from which her current family bought her.

Family Type: Middle class, unhappy

Family Members: A father, a mother, and two sisters.

Family Details:
The family is a small nuclear family, living in the suburbs. The mom is nearly always away on her job as an executive assistant. The father is a stay-at-home dad, and takes care of the kids. Currently there is a big divide between the parents and the kids. The parents are quite conservative, and one of the kids, the youngest, is a transgender girl. The older sister took up her side, so now there is an uneasy, awkward, and cold stalemate between both sides of the family. 

Demon Form

Name: Shepot ( Whisper (noun) in Russian. Pronounced sheou-puht)

Gender: Agender (She/her pronouns)

Sexuality: Asexual

Age: 50,157 years

Species: Whispering Speckle Moth

Shepot's head has a mouth that seemingly stretches into her furry body that is stitched shut. Unseen and as of yet un-survived calamity happens should the mouth be ever opened. She has three eyes that can rotate spots and appear on the other side of the head. She has three insect-like legs. Her wings are fully functional, though they are better for gliding than climbing or diving. They can change appearance slightly; whilst always changing in the starry pattern, sometimes black markings can appear. Shepot doesn't have a set amount of tails, but is usually seen with four. The tails have bulbs on the ends that can record sound. The bulbs are fragile and burst at the touch. The tidbit of sound can be heard again when the bulb is burst open. Shepot herself can brust them willingly; they aren't painful.

Kingdom: Rodent

Rank: Queen



[Violent] - Shepot is much more prone to violence or bold actions than Anastasia. Though not more likely to commit rash actions without thought, Shepot is more sinister and willing to hurt others.
[Expressive] - Unable to communicate via voice, Shepot uses her easily distorted face to make expressions to say what she wants. Her body language is significantly more volitile and vivid, her body being more natural to her and flexible.
[Egotistical] - Shepot is quite prideful and conceited. She will scoff or laugh at the mistakes or pain of others.
[Deceptive] - Shepot is much more likely to spread false information than her pet counterpart, though she is more easily swayed than Anastasia.
[Untrustworthy] - Shepot, being much more sinister, is certainly one to watch your back for. Do not let her lead you to places or show you what to do; it is most likely dangerous, fatal, or at best incorrect. However, at a good enough price for her, she can tell you the truth.


Loyal Servants

Anastasia/Shepot has three servants.

Name: Aldras
Gender: Female
Species: Ruby-Spotted Swallowtail
Personality: Gentle, strict, quiet. She is the leader of the servants. Below their master's commands, she gives the orders and takes care of them.

Name: none yet
Gender: Male
Species: Castor Semi-Looper Moth
Personality: Newest member of the servants, he is quiet, reserved, and shy.

Name: Embrey
Gender: Male
Species: Peacock Butterfly
Personality: Quiet, jeering, flighty. Embrey is the one that needs to be kept in line most of the time.


Strength: 9/10 - Anastasia is a large cat that can easily overpower others. Shepot is only fairly strong but can bring unheard destruction by opening her mouth.
Stamina: 4/10 - Anastasia/Shepot has an average amount of energy.
Agility: 8/10 - Anastasia, while not entirely agile because of her bulk, is quick and springy. Shepot is very agile, her body quite light and easy to maneuver.
Intelligence: 7/10 - Anastasia/Shepot is quite smart and wise.
Charisma: 10/10 - A specialty of her kingdom, Anastasia/Shepot know how to communicate and influence.
Mana: 2/10 - Shepot/Anastasia rarely depends on magic to fight, prefering to use her bodily abilities.
Total: 30/60
FS: Cameo Call by DJ-Catsume
FS: Cameo Call
Tipsy's antsy for action, but being the weak commoner he is, he can't jump in alone.
Anyone want to tag along? I'm looking for major, speaking part cameos, but a collab is fine as well!

First-come-first-serve rule may/may not apply depending on how many and who applies.

also if you want to rp it out that's also cool with me
PMDO: Cameo Call by DJ-Catsume
PMDO: Cameo Call
'Sup! Want your team to appear in Team Poseidonia's Mission Zero?

Anyone can cameo, but I do have a few requests. I need;
- a few Raiders who can take a hit/give a hit
- Merchants to be around at the beginning (and later too)

who will be background and who'll be speaking is up to me, anyone can have a speaking or a background part.

there's no limit to how many I can take!


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