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HM: Toska App by DJ-Catsume
HM: Toska App
copy pasted his art bc im a lazy butt =v=)/


    Name: Toska (Russian for anguish)

    Age: Unknown. (Mentally 27)

    Birthday: December 22

    Height: 5'1"

    Species: Windigo (more accurately, a human possessed by a Windigo)

    Tower: Time

    Attribute: Energy

    Notable Features:
Withered hands and feet. Pale and thin. Long rust/blood red antlers. Black-tipped deer ears. Bags under the eyes. Pale blue eyes.


= Quiet places
= Comfort
= Tea
= Assurance
= Art pieces
= Classical music

= Loud, startling noises
= Blood
= Intense heat
= Being in the dark (both literally and information-wise)

= Losing himself to his cannibalistic nature
= Losing close ones

= To learn how to better control his true form
= To meet new friends
= To finally get a proper education

Toska is a gentle character. He does his best to not hurt the people he knows. Unfortunately, this has been pretty hard for him to do, making him hesitant to make friends. He can be a little distant and cold, especially to those he fears he could harm. Toska doesn't usually show much emotion. He avoids extreme feelings. If something gets him excited, agitated, angry, or sad, he will try to avoid it. He isn't easily made anxious, and is usually pretty calm, but once panicked, he goes into a downward spiral of emotions that could end up making him break down.

Born of pain, blood, and hunger, in the deepest colds, Toska as a Windigo wandered for a lengthy time, unable to tell their age because of a perpetual blizzard. Eventually they wandered into a civilization, and possessed the first living being they came across. Being what Toska is, a Windigo, he was driven to an endless chain of slaughtering and killing anything he could eat. The more beings he ate, the worse his body became. So he would switch bodies, and continue his spree. Eventually, he was confronted by a powerful mage. After a brutal battle of powerful magic, Toska left his body and fled. Weakened, the next body he possessed, his current one, was not powerful, and he could not hunt successfully. He gave up hunting, for it wasn't really necessary for Toska's survival. As he hunted less and became more ingrained in society, he made friends and joined the community.
However, as time passed, Toska's strength was regained. As he grew stronger, his hunger pangs, hardly satiable by regular food, did too. One day, he lost control over himself, and slaughtered the people close to him. He fled the town and into another, where after a while the same thing happened again. Eventually, he heard of Hiems Mansion, where there are beings of all kinds. Hoping to meet someone that could teach him how to control his pangs, he left for the place.


= Ice magic of somewhat weak strength
= Darker magic of stronger strength, but hard to control
= Can transform into a stronger form, but with no control at all

= Able to withstand frigid temperatures
= Can see in the dark
= Good artist

= Physically and mentally weak
= Slow to dodge
= Will likely give up at the sight of blood

---RP Information---

    Chatroom: Unlikely

    Notes: Prefered

    Skype: Alright (note first)

    Comments: Alright

    Preferences: Romance/Pairing (would prefer to talk it out first before rp), Gore/Torture, Casual, Fighting, Emotional/Drama, Adventure, One on One, Group RPs (less prefered)

    Roleplay Sample:
It was a moody day, the sky was covered in layers of gray clouds. Puddles littered the ground and water dripped from the roofs, all results of the morning rain. Thunder still rolled in the distance, it's crashing sound reverberating throughout the city dimly.

In one particularly quiet alley behind the shops of a busy street, a splashing could be heard. Dark brown paws mottled with lighter brown patterns raced unafraid through the grimy puddles, on the tail of something fast and gray. It swiftly ran behind a trash can. The brown figure deftly and easily tipped the can over with it's large size and swiped blindly, clipping the gray thing and sending it flying back in the open with great force. Without letting the injured mass even move the cat lunged at it, killing it in one bite.

"Finally caught you, you little- " the figure teased, pleased with her efforts.

(I might throw in a scene picture every now and then)

LGR: Stormy Revelations - Coming Storm Part 2 by DJ-Catsume
LGR: Stormy Revelations - Coming Storm Part 2
we're getting somewhere now


Amid the streets of the Ruined Village, all was quiet. All but the howl of the wind and the insistent bickering of two young pokemon.

"Lacey's the best leader, no doubt about that!" Spoon declared

"Ah?! No way. Thalia and Abel take that spot," Cove replied quickly, glancing behind him at the ghost in his backpack.

"Nah man, no puff ball will ever be better than a Gliscor."

"Well, just watch two puff balls easily take down that idiot of a bat."

"He's got flying-type moves, they stand no chance. Plus, I hear he's even got a OHKO move."

"Pfft, he'll never be able to catch them in the first place!"

"Yeah? A Gliscor can easily out speed a-" Spoon stopped short in her rebut when Cove suddenly froze. She lowered her voice to barely a whisper. "What is it?" she asked.

"I hear something..." Cove answered, his large ears twitching, straining to pick up sound. "No. Someone. I hear someone slither on the ground."

"Hide in there," Spoon pointed to a broken building. Cove quickly hopped into the large hole in the wall and hid in the shadows.

He was about to peek around, when Spoon stopped him. "I can spy from the shadows," she explained, and dipped into his backpack.

In the shadow of the building window a glow appeared, and quickly took form of Spoon's eye. She scanned the street for any signs of movement.

Cove waited impatiently, anxious to hear from Spoon.

"Hey, Cove?" A voice broke the silence.

"Yeah? What is it? Is someone there?" he replied.

"There... aren't supposed to be any pokemon other than those Destruction guys... right?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Then I think we found one," Spoon answered, "There's a Dragonair patrolling the street. And they're a big one..."

The Dragonair in question slithered down the street, his blue eyes darting from shadow to shadow. His height was truly impressive; he was as high as the buildings around him.

"Well, size never mattered to me," Cove snickered. "The bigger they are, the bigger the impact they make when they fall."

"Yeap. Watch out for that tail when you go in," Spoon warned as she appeared from his backpack, only to disappear again.

"I'll keep that in mind," Cove said, and lithely lept out of the building.

"Hmm?" The Dragonair turned when he heard movement, and turned to face Cove, "Gah, what are kids doing here-" 

He wasn't given a chance to finish as from his shadow Spoon emerged and hit him hard with a Shadow Sneak, propelling him towards Cove. Before allowing the giant serpent to recover or fall, Cove pulled back his fist and slammed it into the Dragonair. The Dragonair was winded, but not for long, and quickly retaliated by slamming Cove with Dragon Tail, flinging the small pokemon into a building, which easily crumbled in the impact.

"Owhh..." Cove whined as he began to rise, wincing at the pain.

"You hanging on?" Spoon asked from his backpack, to which Cove nodded slowly.

Meanwhile the Dragonair began to slither to the broken building. "You are no ordinary kids," he hissed vehemently, "You must be rookie brats from that Royal Guard, aren't you? You need to leave this place at once!"

Cove glared at the Dragonair in response. "Yeah?" he replied, "And who's gonna make us? You?"

"Such attitude will get you killed," the Dragonair spat, "I'm giving you a chance to live. Take it, if you're smart enough!"

"Not even likely," Cove huffed proudly. "You're going to tell us everything about your organization..." He then smirked at the Dragonair's angry expression. "If you're smart enough," he added, snickering to himself. Spoon gave a ghostly chuckle as well.


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LGR: Stormy Revelations - Coming Storm Part 1 by DJ-Catsume
LGR: Stormy Revelations - Coming Storm Part 1
Yee story time. gather round kiddos, its gonna be fun


A low rumble resounded in the dusty village. The sky was coated thick with dark gray clouds, and the wind blew fiercely through the deserted streets. It howled and whistled to itself, making the only sound in the entire village. Here and there a piece of stone would break off from its loose threshold of a building, clattering onto the ground.

At an entrance to the village, two pokemon stood facing one another.

"So, you're Spoon, huh?" The purple one asked, smirking. "That's a silly name."

"Not as silly as Cove, nope," the one named Spoon replied with a smug smile.

"Whadja say?!" Cove got quickly riled up, "It's much better than-"

His voice was cut off as Spoon quickly covered his mouth with an ethereal hand.

"Arceus you're loud! Keep it down, idiot," she said. As Cove calmed down, Spoon sighed. "You're gonna be hard to work with here..."

"Are you doubting my skills?" Cove glared at the ghost, who shrugged. He huffed angrily. "Whatever. You have no other choice but to work with me now. Let's go," he motioned stiffly and began to walk into the village, his paws patting the hard, dry ground softly.



Cove turned around quickly to the source of the noise, only to see Spoon give one more hop, her stone thumping heavily on the ground.

"Oh. My. Arceus." Cove smacked his face. "I can not believe this..."

"Well, neither can I," Spoon replied, then pointed to his backpack. "Carry me in your pack. It'll be faster."

Reluctantly, Cove obliged. He set his backpack down and opened it. Spoon happily hopped in the pack and made herself comfortable.

"Alright! Let's go!" She exclaimed happily. Cove rolled his eyes and picked up the backpack, only to be pulled to the ground again.

"Holy karp, what do you eat?" He said with disbelief.

"Nothing that affects my weight. My stone weighs this much from birth," Spoon replied proudly.

"Gods help me," Cove sighed irritably as he struggled to lift the bag. After he successfully flung the bag onto his back, he huffed, "Okay. Now, let's go."


|| Next>>

Cyndaquil / Riolu Fusion Line by DJ-Catsume
Cyndaquil / Riolu Fusion Line
request on tumblr 0q0

Cyndaquil/Riolu -> Quilava/Lucario -> Typhlosion/Mega Lucario

This pokemon evolution line is known for its intelligence and bravery. It can sense the auras of nearby pokemon and humans, but also their heat signatures as well. The last stage is quite aggressive in the wild; use caution when approaching. It tends to challenge anything it sees, and its sought-after, overwhelming strength is no joke.



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