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LRG: Cove App by DJ-Catsume
LRG: Cove App
Whats up with me and male Nidoran :/

|| General ||

Pokemon: Nidoran (m)
Name: Cove
Nickname(s): n/a - usually hates nicknames
Gender: Male
Height: 1' 05"
Birth Date: March 10
Current Age: 17 in human years
Current Level: 5
Item(s): Backpack
Profession: Messenger
Rank: D
Sexual Orientation: homosexual
Preferences: not yet figured out

|| Family ||

Mother: Fern - Nidorina
Father:  Ymore - Raticate
Sibling(s): more than you can count
Romantic Partner: n/a (he's available 0u< )
Offspring: n/a

|| Pokemon Statistics ||

Nature: Hasty
Ability: Poison Point

|| Moves ||

:bulletpurple: Peck
:bulletpurple: Leer
:bulletpurple: Sucker Punch (egg move)

|| Base Stats ||

HP: Star!Star!Star!
Attack: Star!Star!Star!Star!
Defense: Star!Star!
Sp.Atk: Star!Star!Star!
Sp.Def: Star!Star!
Speed: Star!Star!Star!Star!Star!

Total: 19Star! // 30Star!

|| Type Effectiveness ||

Type: Poison

Normal: Normal, Flying, Rock, Dark, Ghost, Steel, Fire, Water, Electric, Ice, Dragon

Weak: Ground, Psychic

Immune: n/a

Resistant To: Grass, Bug, Poison, Fighting, Fairy

|| Personality ||

:bulletpurple: Arrogant/Confidant :bulletpurple: 
Cove is hella confidant in himself and his abilities, to the point of arrogance. He is quick to deem himself better than others. This does wonders for his enthusiasm in anything he does but often is his undoing, as he gets hurt emotionally when he is proven wrong, though the feeling passes (but not without birthing grudges). He is the most confidant about his speed.

:bulletpurple: Competitive :bulletpurple: 
Cove's arrogance fuels his competitiveness, especially when it seems like he's doing worse than others or there's a chance he'll lose.

:bulletpurple: Loud/Naive :bulletpurple: 
Being still considerably young, Cove hasn't yet seen much of the world, not experienced much but his own clan. He will often make mistakes that could be avoided with experience or maturity, especially when talking about things that should not be shared with strangers. As such, he is not good at keeping secrets

:bulletpurple: Unstable :bulletpurple: 
Cove is not really emotionally stable, and is prone to mood swings. He's easily manipulated and his mind can be easily broken, but he'll stand back up after some recovery.

:bulletpurple: Fearless, almost :bulletpurple: 
Cove isn't really afraid of much, including being the weakest when proven so. He'll jump straight into anything without second thoughts, though this is not always a good thing. With one exception; the topic of romance. Being still unsure about himself, Cove quickly becomes flustered when the topic comes to such and tries to avoid it the best he can.

|| History ||

Cove was born and grew up in a large clan of various pokemon from outside the city. He was the fastest of all the kids in his generation/age group, which warped his personality into one of extreme confidence, and one that is easily shaken because of his lack of experience. His arrogance became so bad by his adolescence that the clan leaders sent him to the city to gain humility and experience in the real world. 

|| Extras ||

:bulletpurple: His backpack is extremely precious to him, it was given to him by his only best friend in the clan.
:bulletpurple: He can be a bit of a bully
:bulletpurple: He hasn't lost in speed yet (care to break his record?)
:bulletpurple: He loves being scratched behind the ears and just below his horn, although his pride will usually hinder his enjoyment.
:bulletpurple: He can stand on his hind legs but is slower like this.
:bulletpurple: He always has bags under his eyes because he's a bit of an insomniac and often has nightmares, usually they're mild

|| Relationship Chart ||

Bullet; Purple = Respect
Bullet; White = Acquainted/No Opinion |  Bullet; WhiteBullet; White = Unsure/Leaning towards Dislike
Bullet; Blue = Friend/Fond Of | Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue = Good Friend/Semi-Close
Bullet; Green = Buddy/Close | Bullet; GreenBullet; Green = Best Friend/Very tight and Close
Bullet; Yellow = Attraction/Likeable | Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow = Crush
Bullet; Pink = Love/Like Family | Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink = Mate
Bullet; Red = Dislike | Bullet; RedBullet; Red = Hate/Despise
Bullet; Black = Suspicious | Bullet; BlackBullet; Black = Jealous
Bullet; Orange = Apprentice/Mentor | Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange = Family

|| Roleplay Example ||

(Paragraph form)
"Allein, there’s a stranger who I think is a demon greeting me. Can I kill him?" chimed Effie in response to the stranger’s call. "You know the rules, don’t kill unless they are killing," responded Allein, not looking up to the stranger, as she is too preoccupied with checking whether the two of them where lost in this new city.

(Sometimes I might throw in a picture every now and then)

|| User Info ||

Time Zone - Eastern Pacific (Maryland, USA)

Comments // Bullet; Green (big yes)
Notes // Bullet; Green (even bigger yes)
Chats // Bullet; Red (makes me nervous, sorry orz)
Skype // Bullet; Yellow (its fine, but we should be on friendly, already-chatted-a-few-times terms)

Underwater by DJ-Catsume
I'm certainly in a blue mood today ^u^~

Mop and his fishy bae (who belongs to checkered-crime, by the way I sincerely apologize if I've drawn him incorrectly)
Blue Bubbles by DJ-Catsume
Blue Bubbles
This is like the second time I've seriously redesigned this guy.
PKMNation: Farewell Sale by DJ-Catsume
PKMNation: Farewell Sale
Selling pokemon clutches and my own pokemon!
Reason for this being I have come to realize that pkmnation is just not for me, even though I've only been here for like, a month or so?

Anyways, all available pokemon are 50 :points:

Maunice x Bruno (who belongs to Anonymations) Clutch:

No shinies, morphs, or fusions.
Base Attack: 15
Hatch Date: 11/10/14
Level: 4

1. Male Sableye
2. Male Dratini
3. Male Sableye belongs to Anonymations 
4. Female Dratini
5. Female Sableye bought by anntheazelf101 
6. Male Dratini


My own pokemon:
No shinies, morphs, or fusions.
7.  Maunice bought by Anonymations 
8. Samus 
9. Lola
(all +4 levels)

PKMNation only
PKMNation: Poacher?! by DJ-Catsume
PKMNation: Poacher?!
Because of his human-like clothes, Maunice and Lola didn't recognize the poor Lucario before attacking him.
Once they got back to town and met the Lucario again, they (as in, Maunice begrudgingly) apologized to the Lucario.


Full body x 2 panels = 4 levels
Partial shots x 2 panels = 2 levels
Shading x 4 panels = 8 levels
Detailed Background x 4 panels = 8 levels
Simple Background x 1 panel = 1 level
Mission Bonus = 2 levels
Total: 25 levels each for Lola and Maunice


DJ-Catsume's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States


Animated Pixel Icons
Nightwatcher Free Icon by DJ-Catsume
Free Noivern Icon by DJ-Catsume
Fresca by DJ-Catsume
Team Shout Icon by DJ-Catsume
Cheesebagz Icon by DJ-Catsume
50x50 animated pixel icons. 50 points each.
Full Body Sketch
Asdf by DJ-Catsume
Full body sketches like image above. Just link a ref or image of any char you want me to draw, what pose, may b simple background, extra stuff, etc.
Because everything's hectic and I need organization

Top Priority:
Various art and applications
Treasure Hunt(floraverse)

October Events (pkmnation) (I gave up oHo)

Frosty Festivities (pmdu)
Halloween Masquerade Ball (Emerald Rebellion)
(apt to change)

Also, no one got kiriban. Better luck next time!


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